2nd Person

We keep having
the dream that
I made art.
look back
at what I created
and know
this is
It will change
the world

I could never
make art that real.

I am both
Dreaming and Awake.

When I refer to myself,
I do it in 2nd person.

You will never be that talented

Dreaming or Awake,
they share a reality,
too afraid to define
with words.

Rational Dreaming.
If you can do it while you are asleep
you can do it while you are awake.
I tried to memorize the art
I tried to recreate it.

writing this


we live in different worlds
Dreamer and

the I

wanted to stare
at a blank screen and try,
to tell the beautiful story of
our dream.

Like blank words.
Like blinking cursors.
Like white papers.
Like this.