He offered me a piece of gum.

He ordered some Minute Maid apple juice,
when the flight attendant came around with the cart 
I didn’t want anything 
He finished in two separate drinks that 
were 3 breaths apart, and
put the plastic cup in the pocket 
in the seat in front of him. 

We both opened the gum wrappers
at the same time 
he put his wrapper in the cup 
I held mine, crumbling it up

His cup had become a trash can-
cookie wrapper, napkin, and now 
gum wrapper 
but not mine.

I knew he wouldn’t mind
sharing his trash can
I’m sure of it 
2 hours left on this flight
2 hours for me to ponder 
I will hold this wrapper in my fingers 
Until they come back around 
For trash.