Cold Shower

Warm is safety
Warm is comfort
Warm is relaxed shoulders
Warm is exhale
Warm is reassurance
Hot is eradicating
Hot is pain that needs to go somewhere
Hot is punishment
Hot is worthy of punishment
Hot is red skin that isn’t phased the next day
Hot is temporary
Cool is transition
Cool is potential
Cold pauses
Cold is sentient
Cold is somatic
Cold is raised shoulders
Cold is skin preparing for attack
Cold is feeling the changes in the air before the water is touched
Cold is protecting your most vulnerable areas
Cold is the face and chest
Cold is stepping away and forgetting how bad it is
Cold is fear
Cold is the brain
Cold is knowing you are safe, but feeling unsafe
Cold is spending time with that
Cold is victorious, efforted breath
Cold is victorious
Cold is growth
Cold is practice
Cold is the difference in running away from discomfort,
and running away from yourself.