Intuitive Exercise (A play)


Intuitive Exercise

(A play)

The other day I was on the bike, in CrossFit class.
We were doing intervals, and when it came time for me to “go faster” I didn’t feel like it.
So I pulled out my bag of tricks:

Voice in my head (my critic): “Everyone is working harder than you and you look lazy.”
Other voice in my head (my advocate): “You don’t need to compete or compare.”
<<still going slow>>
Critic: “You don’t ever work hard.”
Advocate: “I work really, really hard at a lot of things, exercise is just not a huge part of my life
that I want to focus improving right now.”
<<still going slow>>
Critic: “You are gonna gain weight, if you don’t!”
Advocate: “ Oh, come on. Those are bullshit fear tactics.
You are better than that. That’s not true. I’m not afraid of fat anymore”
Critic: “Are you sure?”
Advocate: “yes.”
Critic: “Are you suuuure?”
Advocate: “yes.”
Critic: “Are you sure you are sure?”
<<Advocate is thinking.>>
Critic: “I wouldn’t still be here if you were totally sure.”
Advocate: “Ok, I’m mostly sure.”
<<enter shame for not being completely in-control of the critic>>
<<Still going slow>>
Shame: “Ruuuuuun! Run away!! Bike so fast!!! Bike in anger! Bike in fear!”
<<Still going slow>>
Advocate: “No, Shame.
I won’t because I am not afraid to be here, because
I am ok here with you, and I want to learn from you, not run away from you.”
<<Shame sprints away>>
Advocate: “That went well.”
<<enter Dopamine>>
Dopamine: “I feel happy.”
Advocate: “What do you feel like doing now?
<<starts biking fast>>