Most coaches like to help athletic minded, motivated, driven people achieve their goals. I have coached so many sports where coaches would look for talent, obedience, leadership, willpower, grit, and heart.

I’ve kinda always looked for the shithead kids to work with. They give me a challenge. I am a shithead kid, and I get it.

What about people who can’t afford a personal trainer? 

What about people too intimidated to come to my CrossFit class? 

People who have been laughed at for trying to figure out how to use weight machines? 

What about people who are afraid of going places without gender neutral locker rooms? 

What about busy parents who can’t add one more thing in their day? 

What about people who hate gyms?  

People who don’t live close enough to work with me in person? 

People who hate being told what to do? 

People afraid to start again because they have failed so many times? 

People who can’t seem to figure out how to not self sabotage?

People who have waged a lifelong battle with the scale? 

People who can’t look in mirrors right now? 

People who just want to dance again but have given up hope a long time ago?

You are a shithead kid. I get it. I see you. Me too. I wanna help.

Honestly, there are so, so many ways to help you can feel more in power of your life. Exercise is just one of them. But that’s always been my favorite. So that’s what I wanna show you.

Body Positive 

The fitness industry tells you your body is bad, and they will fix it. That’s bullshit. I think your body is good now, and I want to help you believe it.

No Dogma

There are over 4 biillion ways (science) to make yourself healthier.


I will never force you to do things you don’t like. That’s dumb.

No Beast Mode Mentality

There are lots of ways to impress me. Exercising and/or dieting with extreme intensity isn’t one of them. I promise.


Guys, this shit CAN be fun. Real talk: Ok, sometimes it’s not. Sometimes we’ve gotten ourselves in such a shitty little hole, that it’s just not really possible to be fun right now. But it can be. And it should be. Life is nothing if it isn’t fun.


This is your life. I won’t tell you what to do.

Function Over Aesthetics 

You will look good when you feel better about yourself. You will feel better about yourself when you achieve things you didn’t know you could do. When the thing you are trying to achieve is look good, it makes a funny little circle that usually doesn’t feel good for most people who are learning to be body positive. I like people to be functional humans. I want you to be able to DO more stuff. I think most people want that too.

Lastly, All-Inclusive

I don’t ever want to shame you. Whatever your situation, I am here for everyone.

But How?

Well, ehhh…. I, uh….I don’t know. Yet…

But, if I had a marketing strategy (which I don’t yet), it would be something like transparency and honesty.

So: I just met with a mentor who said every website needs a call to action. I liked that. Here is mine:

1. Email me. I am going to make an email list. I will not spam you, I promise, I don’t even have content yet. And when I do, I will ask you before I send things! (Yay, consent!) Email me and tell me anything! Did you read my blog? What did you think? Do you have a spelling correction for me? Thanks! Do you wanna tell me about you? Do you know someone who would like to talk to me?  I’d love to hear! Just email me. Or just follow me on social media. I am on Instagram and Facebook now.

2. Be a free client! Until I know what the fuck I am selling, I am gonna give it away free! ( I think I will always have a free or very cheap service, but...) Basically, I will talk with you on the phone, you can tell me about your movement practice, and I can share some info that might be helpful for you. Fill in the information below, and I will contact you to set up a free 30 min chat! Or multiple?

3. Share my blog and website. Hey, I just want you to know, if you read to the bottom of this, you are invested in me, and this message I so deeply care about sharing with the world. If you aren’t interested or ready to contact me, no worries at all. I really appreciate you reading this.


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